W/C Lemon Peri-Peri Marinade (1Kg)

A sweet dry blend marinade with strong lemon and herb flavour and a medium burn.

Sucrose, Dextrose, Salt, Spices & Herbs (Irradiated), Chemically Modified Starch (E1422), Acidity Regulators (E330, E262), Cereal [Wheat Flour (Gluten – Triticum aestivum); Maize], Stabiliser (E412), MSG (Flavour Enhancer) (E621), Flavourings, Spice Extracts, Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) (E211), Flavour Enhancer (E635).
  • Added Wheat Gluten
  • Quick Mix Lemon Peri-Peri Label are available

Slowly add pack to water stirring continuesly until all lumps are dissolved. Add the oil and mix thoroughly. Allow to stand to thicken. Use 200g per kg meat.

WATER 62.50 2.00kg
OIL 6.25 0.20kg
COMPLETE PACK 31.25 1.00kg
TOTAL 100.00 3.20kg